Hübner History

Maybe it is because numbers are so exciting, expressive and meaningful. Or perhaps it has something to do with the genes. Whatever it is, however, it is clear that HÜBNER & HÜBNER tax consultancy has been successful for three generations, always with one or more members of the Hübner family playing a role here.

  • In 1945 Adolf Hübner decided to pursue his affinity for numbers by establishing the tax consultancy. His team included his wife-to-be, Inge, who would remain at the firm but soon become known as “Mrs. Hübner”. She and her scooter, which she used to deliver tax statements, not only ensured satisfied customers but also sent a clear signal: The economic miracle had begun.

  • In 1967, A. Hübner had a fundamental idea that was both prescient and exciting, namely the potential of IT for tax consulting issues, so he took it upon himself to harness it for the industry. Hübner tax consultancy went on to train thousands of employees of tax consulting firms in IT-based workflows and procedures.

  • In 1978, the second generation faced a decision. The sudden death of their father led to Gunter and Klaus changing the course of their lives – and they took over HÜBNER & HÜBNER. This was followed by a period of expansion. and a decade of intensive seminar and marketing activities in Austria and Germany. After all, HÜBNER & HÜBNER was constantly developing new consulting tools for the business management sector of medium-sized companies, which are used in countless consultancies.

  • In 2003, Gunther and Klaus Hübner authored a book entitled "Abenteuer Steuerberatung" (the adventure of tax consulting), in which they talked about the passion and excitement with which Hübner goes about its work. Accordingly, the textbook served as a source of inspiration for numerous colleagues in the industry for many years.

  • 2010 was a turning point: Klaus Hübner, now President of the Chamber, fully devoted himself to this function from this time on, some members of the consultancy’s team went their own separate ways – and Gunther Hübner rediscovered his “young entrepreneurial” spirit, setting HÜBNER & HÜBNER on course for the future.

  • The three core competencies of tax consulting, accounting and payroll accounting were expanded and successively digitalised, all according to the idea of "ID through IT". This was followed by work to develop products, services, and solutions for which, in addition to its consulting excellence, the firm has and is gaining a reputation particularly among small and medium-sized companies from every area of business:

    • HÜBNER & HÜBNER as a provider of payroll services – one of the top three in Austria today
    • Digital accounting – paperless
    • Performance check for SMEs
    • 2file – a secure and efficient online data exchange platform
    • 2book – a simple online management tool for small businesses
    • The payroll app – with over 20,000 users

    The motto of HÜBNER & HÜBNER "reloaded": Figures are not dull and boring; they are bright, colourful and intelligent. They contain exciting information and opportunities which the customer should be able to grasp and take advantage of as efficiently, as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.
    Figures represent the “emoticons” of any successful business in a digital world.

    The firm completed the rebranding of its image in the middle of the 2010s with the relaunch of its logo – and the third generation of Hübners joined the business.

  • In 2019, Tobias Hübner took over as "Mr. Tax", with Gunther Hübner staying on as Managing Partner. This once again demonstrated what the firm really stands for:
    Innovative tradition.