Gunther Hübner - Partner

The driver. Questioning, testing, changing, improving – no-one that has this type of character is satisfied for very long with themselves or the results they achieve. It's good that this restless spirit has a great sense of humour and recognises everyone in the team for what he or she does best. Part of Hübner & Hübner since 1978.

Annemarie Mittermayr – Partner

The creative one. She will search and find the perfect solution for her clients. Individually, spontaneously, yet easily understood. Her drive: the passionate joy of adapting to different characters and situations. Her basic attitude: Each person is likable, worthy of respect and needs to be met on his own terms. Problem solving is the goal that stimulates her to achieve peak performance and humor is a must. Part of Hübner & Hübner since 1992.

Iris Achleitner – Head of accounting

She knows what counts. So she’s traveling light – a toolcase including a calculator, a watch and a cup of cappuccino is all she needs to guide her clients through the jungle of data. The starting point is customized, the destination maintains the same: pleasantly astonished clients and efficiently executed to-do lists. Part of Hübner & Hübner since 2015.

Dominik Kalcher – Head of Payroll

The sociable one. He likes drinking tea, but he hates waiting for anything. Opportunities to get stuck in to the growing demands of the market, bring new perspectives to the table and develop his expertise are just too exciting for him. The only ones who know how he manages to keep a clear desk with everything going on around him are the 3 monkeys in his office Part of Hübner & Hübner since 2006.

Kristina Schlechta – Head of Business Development

The thinker. She likes variety (also in the form of city trips), challenges (eg on skis) and dealing with people - even skeptics - because she knows that you have to understand the other person to find a common path. Seeing everything „pretty in pink“ is not her - except for the pink cow in her office. Part of Hübner & Hübner since 2004.

Roman Pruckmoser – Head of IT

The solution-oriented one. He loves challenging projects because he gets to use his creative skills - ideally in relation to "one completed to less than five new ones a day" His preference for the omnipresent use of Post-IT's is probably justified by the ending of the word. It is only when you mention surfing that data is replaced in his brain by his kite-board. Part of Hübner & Hübner since 2008.

Christine Batko – Head of office management

The organized one. Just a glance into her office is enough - everything's under control, both the many plants and the eight people. Which in turn tells you that there is quite a bit of organization and correspondence involved. But with humor (and chocolate) everything is brought together under one umbrella. Part of Hübner & Hübner since 1994.