01/26/2015 New regulations regarding recording of working time

Starting January, 1st the recording of working hours will be eased. Changes were implemented in some areas, which in sum should reduce the administration workload. The most important changes are:

Recording of breaks

The relief in this area is significant. In companies without a works council it is possible to have written agreements with each employee separately, in which either:

  • beginning and end of the breaks are agreed on or
  • within a defined period the employee is allowed to consume his breaks

If the employee abides by this agreement, he doesn’t have to record his breaks.

Recording of daily working time

According to the new regulation it is enough to just record the total number of hours worked (e.g. daily 8 hours). This means that no record of start and end time is required, if:

  • employees have fixed working times, which are based on a written agreement (e.g. employee always works from 8:00 until 4:30) and the employee sticks to this time. But the employer needs to confirm at the end of each month that the employee has worked within the agreed time or
  • if the employee can determine the working place and working time generally by himself – this is also applicable to employees working at home office

For all other employees this change is not applicable.

Right to receive insight into the recording of working hours

An additional change is that all employees – upon request – have the right to receive a charge-free insight into their record of working hours once a month.

If you have any questions, please just send a mail to welcome@huebner.at or contact one of our specialists directly.

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