12/18/2018 Registration of employees – relevant changes starting from January 1st, 2019

This information is mainly relevant for those companies which use the possibilty of a so called "Mindestangabenmeldung", i.e. if employees shall be registered at short notice, the employer can conduct the registration himself with a minimum of information.

Starting from January 1st, the "Mindestangabenmeldung" receives a new name and new conditions: the "Vor-Ort-Anmeldung" will only be possible in exceptional cases (e.g. no computer/internet is available). The "Vor-Ort-Anmeldung" will only be possible
- via telephone (+43 5 7807 60)
- via fax (+43 5 7807 61)

Generally, new employees should be registered via a so called "reduzierte Anmeldung" (= “reduced registration”, which however is the standard registration). This can be done via computer (login at the ELDA-website) or via ELDA-app (can be downloaded starting from January 1st). Please note that a "Handysignatur" (secured personal authentication via a mobile phone) must be available for the login.
If you don´t have access to a "Handysignatur" (e.g. because the HR department which conducts the registrations is outside of Austria), we recommend to use the possibility of a "Vor-Ort-Anmeldung" via Fax.

In case you have done a (last minute) “Vor-Ort-Anmeldung”, the standard registration has to be done within 7 days in order to declare the missing information.

We will of course continue to take care of your standard registrations. Kindly keep in mind that we need the information of new starters 3 working days before the first day of work of the new employee to guarantee a timely registration.

Link to the fax form:




If you have any questions, please just send a mail to welcome@huebner.at or contact one of our specialists directly.

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