06/30/2014 The new Pendlerrechner

In April, we informed you about the introduction of the Pendlerrechner. Now an improved version is online, which includes following changes:

  • Consideration of the fastest road, if infeasibility of using public transportation exists (until now: the shortest road)
  • If journey to and from the working place do not match in length, the longer journey will be considered
  • Preferential consideration of public transportation over Park & Ride-combinations, if time difference is minimal
  • Consideration of Park & Ride-constructions nearby
  • Reduction of considered car speed

Additionally, the link „Wegbeschreibung einblenden“ was introduced, which shows the directions for car routes. Also, the form L33 can be used for applying for Pendlerpauschale und Pendlereuro, if the Pendlerrechner permanently didn’t show any results. The deadline for submitting the printout is September, 30th 2014.

What needs to be done, if the employee has submitted the printout from the „old“ Pendlerrechner (prior to June, 25th 2014)?

This printout has to be considered until December, 31st 2014. Starting January, 1st 2015 a new printout needs to be handed over by the employee.

Note: If the result from the new Pendlerrechner (date of printout: after June, 25th) is advantageous for the employee and he has handed over the new result the latest on September, 30th, than the higher Pendlerpauschale/Pendlereuro has to be considered starting January, 1st 2014. For this, the employer has to make a recalculation starting from January, 1st 2014. This recalculation has to be made by October, 31st 2014 the latest. If the result from the new Pendlerrechner is lower, than the new printout has to be considered starting with January, 1st 2015, i.e. until end of 2014 the “old” printout is valid.

If you have any questions, please just send a mail to welcome@huebner.at or contact one of our specialists directly.

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