Extension of short time work (“Kurzarbeit”)

Due to the lockdown starting November 22nd 2021 the short time work aid has been adapted. The unemployment service AMS keeps publishing updates for short time work (“Kurzarbeit). We are providing a short summary of the current status. Please note that each of these points can change at any time and some questions remain without answer.

The most recent information by the AMS you can find here.

Start of short time work (“Kurzarbeit”) and application deadlines

Valid for all of Austria except Upper Austria:

  • Start of short time work (“Kurzarbeit”): between November 22nd and December 1st
  • Application up until 2 weeks later possible

Valid for Upper Austria:

Full aid amount – 100%

Especially affected businesses are entitled to the full aid of 100% until December 31st 2021. Especially affected businesses are defined by their affiliated sectors. (ÖNACE 2008 Code). You will find a list of especially affected sectors here.

Preceding consultation

A preceding consultation, which can take a couple of weeks, by the AMS, social partners and work council can take a couple of weeks. Its necessity remains unclear and could possibly be dropped. The consultation is for all companies who haven´t claimed phase IV of short time work (meaning they haven´t been implementing short time work since April 1st 2021). Companies who have been part of phase IV are not required to undergo consultation. The current look out is that expecially affected businesses will be required to participate in the consultation.

Exceptions for especially affected sectors

  • A tax advisor confirmation will not be necessary
  • There will be no obligation to use up to 50% of the downtime of apprentices for education and training (valid for November and December)
  • There will be no reduction from 100% to 85% of short time work aid
  • The minimum work time has not been clarified; it can be expected that during the time of lockdown the maximum downtime will be 100%

The according final regulations have not yet been published.

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