Prolonging of corona short time working


Applying for COVID-19-measues (such as for example, the fixed cost subsidy for short time working) has been for many companies an enormous administrative burden. While most applications have now been submitted and some of them are also already approved, it is important to still react to the constant changes and news.

The corona short time working application, initially, has been planned for three months, starting March 2020. Due to the prolonging of short time working, following samples have been amended:

Social partner agreement (currently, in version 7.0)

In this version following applies:

  • First applications with starting date 01.06. (or later) are possible, and
  • Prolonging applications from 01.06. (or later) for the 4th month of short time working

What has been also amended is that the employer is entitled to raise the number of working hours one sided (i.e. no agreement is needed with the employee), as long as there are no “considerable interests” of the employee, preventing this. In case of a change in working time, the employee has to be informed three days upfront about the new work shift.

First applications and prolonging

First applications, starting June, 1st, can not be applied for backdated. This means, that all short time working applications have to be submitted prior to starting the short time working. Prolonging applications can be still raised backdated in June and starting July, 1st they have to be raised the latest 3 weeks after the planned start of the prolonging.
In addition, it has to be considered, that the two short time working periods can be maximum 4 calendar days apart.

In order to prolong the short time working, following has to be done:

  • For companies with a work’s council in place the „Social partner agreement – company’s agreement“ has to be signed. For companies without a work’s council, the employer and all impacted employees have to sign the “Social partner agreement – sole agreement”.
  • The prolonging has to be applied for via the e-AMS-account. The application incl. the new social partner agreement (version 7.0) has to be provided. An additional transmission to the social partners for an approval is not required. The chamber of commerce is approving across-the-board.

We are happy to assist you with your (prolonging) application for short time working.

Do you have questions about this or similar topics? We are happy to be there for you! 

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